Welcome to NPG Computers.  Give us a call at 812-268-0656

We are the repair and support specialist for Laptops, Desktops, Towers and Tablets.

What our experts do:

  • Remove Viruses, Spyware al other forms of Malware
  • Stop Annoying Popups
  • Make Windows Run Faster
  • Recover Important Photos and Documents
  • Make Sure Your Anti-Virus Is Up-To-Date
  • Replace Cracked Screens
  • Repair Laptops, Towers, Desktops and Tablets
  • Fix Slow Internet Problems
  • Are A+ Industry Certified Professionals

Call us at 812-268-0656 in Sullivan, Indiana.

NPG Computers started in 1995 working on corporate networks, servers and home computers in central Indiana. We are now located in Sullivan, Indiana and provide expert service to business and home customers.